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This site contains my collection of CDs published by KISS or, in some way, related to this controversial American rock band.
This is a private collection whose titles are not intended for sale.

For the uninitiated, KISS has always created a sharp break in both the critics and the audience: some saw them as scoundrels, circus freaks, and the worst thing you can think about a band (and the hype it created), on the other side we have the fanatics who see in this group something hard to define, but somehow similar, without wanting to be blasphemous, to a religion. There is no middle ground, no "supporters" or "admirers". This is about Hate or Love. And this love, or perhaps delusional fanaticism, manifests itself differently in every fan of the band: there are those who likes to decorate their bodies with KISS tattoos, those who begins a music career in honor of his favorite musician, those who decides to collect everything about KISS, there are those who decide to do all this and much more all at once.

Some years ago I decided to collect "just" everything on CD about KISS.
My collection ranges from the official discography to bootlegs, from tributes to interviews, through lesser-known or interesting releases such as (the few or unlikely) collaborations and artists who have had any relationship with the American group.
I already know, given the enormous number of publications released, that I can't add all existing versions of each album (for instance, only Japanese market released out various editions of each CD) to this collection, and frankly that's beyond even my intention.
But I try to include special and possibly rare titles and editions. I do not know how many CDs are in the whole collection but I know for sure that it will take a very long time to publish all the items in this site, it can be defined as a perennial "work in progress".
So I invite all of the fans to visit these pages often and follow Facebook and Twitter profiles in order to know when a title is added to the site.

The purpose is to create a list, inevitably incomplete, that may become a point of reference for collectors and fans of KISS.
The CDs are listed in order to be easily reachable and readable, for each title is given information (year and place of publication, catalog number, band members, track list, etc..) that I considered interesting for any collector.

I should point out that it is not my intention to deeper into the topic "who played what and where". As has been revealed over the years, in some studio recording KISS has used outside musicians for several tracks.
Since, however, this is not one of the goals that I set for this site and that exist already several resources, especially in the web, that can provide comprehensive information about that topic I only listed, for each record, the official band members and any guests or employees listed in the liner notes.
So, for instance, Ace Frehley will be the lead guitarist on Creatures Of The Night and Anton Fig will never be listed as (temporary) KISS drummer.

That said, I hope you enjoy this site and that it may be, in some way, useful to you.
Thank you for visiting and I wish you a good day.

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KISS - Unmasked
Casablanca Records
- U.S.A.
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Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina / Momoiro Clover Z vs KISS
Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina [Momoclo Ban] [CD+Blu-ray]
Momoiro Clover Z vs KISS

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